Yes! to get married on a boat, Is there anything more romantic?

Are you and your partner lovers of the sea? Has the possibility of getting married on a ship passed through your head? Celebrating a wedding on a boat can be, and indeed is, a unique event. A rare location that will delight not only the guests but also the couple themselves. Below, we list some of the advantages of celebrating your wedding on the high seas. It will be an original and very romantic wedding Obviously if you choose this option is because it is fun and exciting. In addition, you will bring to your wedding a point of originality, leaving you the usual, which will pleasantly surprise your guests. It will be a wedding you will not forget. You can wear a short and not very expensive suit The traditional and typical wedding dress could be a bit uncomfortable at an offshore wedding. For this reason, if you do not like tradition, this can be a great advantage, because you can choose a mini lace dress suitable for a wedding, but adapted to the high seas. In addition, you can save a little money, because being an atypical wedding dress you will not need to spend as much on it. barco-torrevieja2 Simple banquet An offshore wedding allows for a simple and economical banquet, catering type, picnic style or similar. The ideal is to accompany seafood, although you can also choose the meat. Of course, it should be a light menu, because eating too much can cause dizziness. Guest may arrive ashore at set times When you hire the services of a boat, you also specify the stops you want to have so that people can get off. It is very similar to when you hold the celebration on a farm in the outskirts or in a distant place and hire buses. There are no buses every time a guest wants to leave, right? Usually you hire a bus that passes at certain times and the guests adapt to those schedules. In this case it would be exactly the same. If you want to turn your wedding celebration into a unique event with character, giving yourself the ” I do” at sea is a good choice. You dare? At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we make it happen! Inform without obligation through the email barco-torrevieja1