Bride´s Bouquet

Although the dress is the most anticipated element of the bride´s look, the bride´s bouquets are chosen as an accesory to add light and color to a simple and sober dress, bringing a class, elegance, and even bohemian touch to any bridal look, so the bouquet takes the lead role, it can keep big secrets that make him a key accesory so it is not a  surprise, then, that the election may be a nightmare ,to choose the right shape, color, size, type of flowers, to take into account the height of the bride, eventual allergies. But let’s start at the beginning, first you must decide if you want a round bouquet or a pageant bouquet. The difference between them is the long of the stem. While in the pageant bouquet the stem is more than 50 centimeters long, the round bouquets, meanwhile, hava a short stem and they usually are bound by all kinds of materials, be original: kerchieves, laces, velvets , antique fabrics.

In addition, the pageant bouquets are sets of flowers presented loose, although they form a group, while the bouquets are more elaborate elements, carried out by specialized florists, playing with the combination of colors, textures and shapes. Therefore, whatever your style is, there is a bouquet for you, another important thing is to choose the dress before the bouquet, as the bridal design is the key look of the wedding, for example, if your dress is simple you can give an original touch with wonderful colors , however if the dress has a baroque essence it should be simpler.