Hats and Headdresses, ¡I do!

Pleasure, passion and work. This way we could define Carmen Navarro, A headdresses and fashion accessories designer from Murcia.

From Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we have the pleasure of interviewing her and discovering a bit more about the fascinating world of millinery.

Any festive event can be appropiate to wear one of the hats or headdresses of the designer Carmen Navarro. But for her and her increasingly numerous clients, one of the best occasions is a wedding celebrated at noon. That is the best time to wear a hat, headdress or pamela.


Photography: José Quintela

1. What is Carmen Navarro’s philosophy?

The philosophy of Carmen Navarro is the creation of exclusive, unique and elaborated pieces in a completely handmade way, making special each client that relies on her work. This is what sets her apart from the rest. Color and design are the main pillars that support each of the pieces that leave her studio where the design is made in the broadest sense of the word.

2. What inspires you when creating your headdresses?

Sometimes I am inspired by other artistic disciplines, painting, architecture, dance … others simply wandering, nature can give us a lot of information and in the great majority of occasions inspiration comes to me when I´m sitting in my studio, I´m in contact with the materials, I start with my creative process and everything flows …

3. Explain your process of working with the client?

As simple as going through my study. I consider it very important to know the dress to be able to advise the more suittable style to get a correct styling. We try different designs and we specify all the details of our design, colors, shapes, materials … And from there we start working on the design. Once it is finished the client is summoned for the test and we explain the placement of the piece, since the way of placement is very important to wear it nice.

4. What type of headdresses do you usually asked for?

I could not tell you any particular model since my clients do not come with a preconceived idea. I advise them according to the style we want to achieve. What they do know is that they want something exclusive, different, unique that makes them different on that special day. But it is true that younger guests dare to wear designs such as turbans, canotiers, floral, tiaras …

5. What materials do you usually use?

The materials used are first quality natural matrials, nothing synthetic because I start from white and dye all colors. High quality bases such as silk, rafias, velvet, feathers, crystals … Materials that undergo transformations through the techniques of millinery until arriving at the desired final design.

6. How many hours of work does each piece have and the average price?

Each of the pieces that design has different working times, depending on the process of design (design, dyeing, modeling, assembly …), but on average could be about 25 hours to reach the final piece. But it is certain that there are pieces in which the times are quite superior by its complexity. As far as the price is very subjective as it depends on the design, materials and hours that is needed for its elaboration.

7. In such creative and craft work and you need to have a lot of passion and enthusiasm, what gives you more satisfaction?

My greatest satisfaction comes when I deliver the finished piece, when I prove everything is correct, only to look at the faces of emotion and satisfaction …
And when the event takes place, those wonderful messages of thanks, telling you that everyone has asked them about the headdress, the photos they send you …
For me the most important thing is that everyone leaves my studio happy and with a smile on the face.

8. What are the latest trends in headdresses?

In headdresses, sheets and metallic flowers mixed with fabric, the feathers continue having their protagonism because they contribute movement to the designs. The tiaras and wreaths this spring are also going to show off at our events … In addition to the wide brimmed hat of multitude of shapes adorned with much color.

9. What style of headdress is appropriate depending on the season of the year in which the wedding is held?

I work in timeless designs, designs that can be used at any season, but if it is true that there are materials that are more typical of cold seasons, such as velvet, felt … However, I love contrasts and why not use a Straw headdress in winter, decorated with flowers and leaves of velvet? … The contrasts can make the difference.

10. You can tell us some of your upcoming projects …

This 2017 has not been able to start any better, since there are many projects that have already been carried out but have not seen the light yet and others which I can not speak about and working on others…

Do you dare to wear a headdress at the next wedding… Or better! Are you getting married?


Photograpy: Silvia Ferrer

Photograpy: Elena Merino
Photograpy: Sonia Moreno
Photograpy: 4Catorce