Pamper your guests a lot

For many couples one of the biggest concerns when it comes to organizing your wedding is that everything goes well, that the guests enjoy the most of this day and that they go home with a lot of special memories loaded with laughter and emotions that they will never forget! It is said that the most important thing about a wedding are the bride and groom and, to be honest, it is, but what would a wedding without your guests? Those who encourage the party, sing, dance, laugh, cry, but, above all, enjoy and make you enjoy. They are the ones who are sharing with you, the most special day of your life, and that is why we can not forget them and we have to take care of them.
Here I leave you some advice that your guests will love:
Create a magical space, beacuse the decoration of the wedding is one of the things in which the guests are most noticed. The first thing to do is to choose a special and beautiful place, a garden a few halls like those of the Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf, are all a success and the decoration that they offer you can be infinite. But the thing is not here, so that the guests feel more at ease you must choose natural flowers and lights to decorate the space in which the guests are going to be.
Create a corner for the guests to leave their desires or memories. There are thousands of ideas for guests to leave their messages, take advantage to do something original and fun so you do not miss anything!

Rincones para recuerdos
People like to celebrate weddings. There must always be a wedding party, where the guests go out on the dance floor to have fun, try to make the music varied and suitable for everyone. A good DJ is a key if you want the guests to enjoy to the maximum, if you want to get it right you can ask the guests to tell you in the confirmation of attendance some of their favorite songs, this way the DJ can make a perfect mix knowing the tastes of the guests.
Very important: if the wedding attends small children remember that these are very restless, if you do not want to see tired parents running from one side to another you have to have a plan B: it is important that you have a babysitter or entertainer so that children would enjoy and also the parents !
Inform the hours that will take place the different moments of the wedding and indicate the various spaces of the venue with some original informational posters! In addition, they are ideal to decorate the spaces of the restaurant or gardens.


Popcorn / cotton candy machine / Candy bar: Who does not like popcorn and candy? Any of these three options will enchant them. They will have a good time and there will be some very cool photos.
If you want to surprise your wedding guests in an original way, the tub or beverage cart is an incredible idea. You only have to: 1. make yourself with an old bathtub or old cart, or rent it, 2. fill it up ice, 3. put all the drinks you want, beer, soft drinks, champagne, 4. let people serve themselves. An idea to have a great time!


Weddings are often long-term events and many guests need to rest between phase and phase of day B to be able to endure the whole celebration. A great idea is to install hanging hammocks in the garden of the farm or place where you celebrate so that people can relax a few minutes and return to the party with strength.
If you have a surplus in your budget, bet it big. And what better than unforgettable fireworks to crown a great night and provide the guests with a wonderful show!
Abandon the classic gifts that they do not know what to do with them and give them something practical, beautiful and original. Craft products, candles, personalized breakfast cups … surely this will surprise them! Since this is an alternative that will not last in time, because it is delicious, it is a good choice, what better than a sweet gift for a moment as sweet as a wedding full of love? In addition, the sophistication of the bakery is macarons, so that ultimately it is a super suitable gift for any elegant ceremony.

If you are getting married in the summer, fans and hats are an excellent option, and will make guests resist the high temperatures that are common at this timeof the year.

abanicos y sombreros

Get long drink glasses in a bazaar, buy glass paint and give each guest their own glass. Upon reaching the bar, the bartender will serve each guest his drink in a drink with his name. So nobody will get confused with drink and everyone will go home with a cute and funny souvenir of your wedding.
Offer some of your time, even if your wedding day is very busy. Thank everyone who has attended and care that everything happens according to the general taste, sure that with your attentions and with these so funny surprises your loved ones will be delighted and will remember your wedding as a colorful and spectacular day.