Brimmed hats and headdresses

Today brimmed hats and headdresses are the star accesory for a wedding guest, the day is the most suitable moment to wear them, this accesory represents the decision to join the celebration, being part of our history, so they never go out of fashion.

Until a few years ago it was unusual to wear headdresses, brimmed hats or Pamela hats even at high-class weddings. These accesories have become a leading niche in the look of the guests, although it is important to remember that are not suitable for any situation. We can find colorful headdresses and refreshing raffia brimmed hats. There is something for everyone , both for brides and for guests, but it is essential to consider the materials with which it is made , always committed to quality so that the result is the most flattering and , of course, to choose the form that best suits the physical features and style always running away from the hype and disguise effect.


Pamela y tocados Carmen Navarro. T 659899532. Fotografia: Jose Quintela. Modelo: @lola_jimenez99. Estlilismo: Lorena Ochoa Heredia


You can wear a headdress in any season and at any time , the disadvantage is that if you decide to wear one you will not be able to take it off at any time of the celebration.

In any case the headdress must be comfortable, and the appropriate size depending on the time of day the ceremony is held. In the morning you can wear them in larger size, while the ones with precious stones and most striking and luxurious materials are reserved for the night.

The headdress must be placed on the right side of your head to avoid disturbing your companion, who, complying with the protocol, would be standing on your left.

At the weddings that take place at night, if you are wearing a long evening dress the headdrees should complement the dress without outshining it.


The day is the perfect moment to wear a brimmed hat, it serves to protect you from the sun and is preferably to wear it with a two-piece suit.

By general rule is not removed , but if the marriage lasts until late is usual to take it away.

If it rains it should not be used , an umbrella would be preferable.

It is important to wear it always tilted to the right side , as long as our companion would stand on the left side .

Brimmed hats should always be of the lighter color light up your face, that is one of its aims.