Bridal bouquet styles 2017

Nowadays, the bouquet is an indispensable element for that special day. We can´t imagine a bride coming to the altar without it in her hands. There are many styles, shapes, sizes and colors, this ornament symbolizes femininity, joy, romanticism …

However, the origin of the bridal bouquets is quite different. The most widespread theory affirms that the tradition of  bringing flowers that day goes back several centuries; Brides are believed to carry aromatic herbs, bunches of garlic, dill and other plants to ward off evil spirits and attract positive energy to their marriage.

With the passage of time, the brides were adding flowers to give rise to the bouquet as we know it today.

Since we already know  the origin of this element, so important for a bride, we focus on the present day to tell you about the tendencies in branches for this 2017.

Here are 5 styles of bouquets that you should keep in mind if you are going to get married in 2017.

Wild Branches

If you are passionate about nature, this is the perfect style for you. Wild flowers are spectacular and they are characterized by having bright colors.

This brnaches are made up mostly of seasonal flowers and plants as simple as beautiful, such as olive, eucalyptus or ferns. They are casual and have a good hang.

There are a variety of colors and species, from daisies, sunflowers, poppy lilies, others such as hydrangeas, gardenias or anemones. Find the wild flowers that you like best and best complement your wedding dress. And voila! You will have the ideal bouquet to express your personality.

























This type of bouquet is highly demanded by brides. It has a round shape and its approximate size is usually between 20 and 30 centimeters. The ideal flowers for this type of bouquets are the roses, peonies …. They are very feminine and romantic bouquets. This type of bouquet is suitable for simple dresses and also for bulky skirts or princess cut.


























Long stem branches

This branch´s style differs from the rest by the stem, much longer and thinner. They are ideal for tall women. The bridal branches with long stems are very beautiful and elegant and there is a great diversity of flowers ideal to elaborate them. Among them: tulips, lilies, daisies, callas, dahlias, sunflowers, gerberas, birds of paradise, amaryllis, irises, and many others.
























Asymmetric branches

These branches are characterized by an ordered “disorder”. The flowers are arranged so that they appear disorderly but are perfectly thought out and strategically placed. Precisely for these characteristics and qualities, it is highly recommended to choose an asymmetric branch if your dress is simple, glued to the body and with short train. Although it is also compatible if your dress is just the opposite, but in that case, it would be best if the pastel colors predominate.






















Waterfall branches

It is a branch in which the flowers laid in a cascade form. It is ideal for tall brides. The most common flowers used for this bouquet are white orchids, lilies and eucalyptus leaves.
It is a classic style that goes very well if you choose to wear a wedding veil.

One of the characteristics of these bouquets is that they are colorful and give a great deal of attention. It has an extensive length and its weight is considerable.
Today it is the least used bouquet, but if it is combined with the flowers and the correct dress, it can be perfect for your big day.