How the groom should dress at the wedding

That the dress of the bride is clear protagonist in a wedding, is a fact. But we wonder why the groom’s dress, on many occasions, goes completely unnoticed or the boyfriend does not give all the importance he should. After all, a wedding is a matter of two … and that is why we want to give you some very useful tips to achieve a perfect boyfriend look!

Although sometimes we forget, the couple are also the main protagonists of any wedding. All eyes will be on them during the ceremony and celebration. They always have to be elegant and show an impeccable look. Have you already decided what your look will be? In Torrevieja Weddings we will give you 5 practical tips for a perfect groom look and that you look great during the treat at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf.

1. Follow the trends
The masculine bridal fashion always bets every season for the classic suits of etiquette like the tuxedo or the tuxedo. But they also wear modern and casual outfits, although they are usually chosen by fewer boyfriends.

The choice of the suit of the groom depends on whether it is a religious or civil ceremony and whether it is celebrated at noon or at night. This 2017 trends mark new tones such as blue and gray and even garnet. In addition we can find Americans with brocades and satin fabrics and patterned pictures or stripes.

2. Be original
The groom always has to choose a look according to his personality. Although the wedding is religious and the celebration of night, some boyfriends are not comfortable with the tuxedo or a black tuxedo.

A formal suit in gray or blue tones and even an American one with classic trousers can also be very elegant. If you want to be original you can choose a shirt of a different tone to the classic white or even some complement of another tone.

3. Matching complements
The look of the groom can wear many accessories such as the vest, belt or suspenders, tie or bow tie, cufflinks and even socks. One of the essential complements to mark the style of a boyfriend is the vest.

In recent years, vests are worn in blue or yellow tones and even with original check prints. It is also important to choose if you are going to wear a belt or suspenders and tie or bow tie. These accessories can be combined in tone with the vest. As for the twins they can be dispensable if you do not wear a double-cuffed shirt. If you wear them you can choose the cufflinks with a classic style or more carefree.

Many bride and groom choose a flower of the bridal bouquet or a colored handkerchief as a detail. Try always that the handkerchief is not the same tone as the tie or bow tie.

4. Comfort first and foremost
The most important thing in a wedding is to be comfortable! Do not hesitate. You need to endure many hours with the same suit. If you pull the armhole or it bothers you in the neck you will have a hard time. Try to find comfort and even that they do it to measure.
As always, the bride chooses comfortable shoes to wear until the night. Try walking with the new shoes a few days before to tame them. There is no greater torture than uncomfortable footwear!