How to choose the perfect destination for the honeymoon

The time has come to prepare the long awaited honeymoon trip. A trip in which you will surely want to take the opportunity to rest after the wedding, discover new places and enjoy that new path that you have just undertaken together. As there are a thousand destinations to discover we are going to give you a cable because … after celebrating your wedding in the best possible place, it is convenient to know where to spend your first days of marriage.

1. How are you and how do you like to travel?

– Keep in mind what is your priority when it comes to traveling, whether they are large cities, natural areas, if you are looking for the best beaches, etc.

– Think if you like to go in a group, for your own or the intermediate option of a private tour in which you have an exclusive guide for you.

2. Climatology

Although most destinations can go at any time of the year there are more favorable times to visit certain sites. For example:

– If you are going to get married in winter, this is a good opportunity to travel to the southern hemisphere and enjoy destinations such as Argentina and New Zealand with a milder climate.

– In tropical areas, the rainy season must be taken into account. There are places where it only rains a few hours and the rest of the day can be normal life, but in others it is almost all closed and even the ferry and public transport do not work. To keep in mind when you go to Asia.

3. Budget

In many cases, even if you want to make the best trip of our life, the truth is that a wedding can end up with the budget of the most savers. Do not worry, the important thing is to enjoy a few days together and there are destinations for all budgets. Today there are many offers (look at them well) and sites not far away to enjoy a reduced budget:

– Choose a country with prices lower than ours, this way with the same money you can give yourself many more caprices, besides having better hotels and rooms.

– If your budget is small, beware of the destinations in high season, because the plane can take much of your budget.

And … finally … to enjoy your new life together! Of course, choose the destination of the honeymoon, especially after having read our essential Guide to organize a wedding.