3 tips to enjoy a romantic getaway before the wedding

Do you want us to give you 3 tips to enjoy the best romantic getaway in the world? Do you want to know your partner better before the wedding? Do you need to get out of the routine and share your most intimate secrets with your special someone? Then you have arrived at the perfect article, a text that gathers the best tips to truly enjoy a romantic, secret and special getaway. What does it sound tempting? I assure you it is, so … keep reading.

Why do we need tips to enjoy a romantic getaway?

We have taken a look at guides for romantic getaways that come from other parts of the world to combine what should be a romantic getaway and according to the guides translated by translation agencies of Madrid, experts in the world of wedding planning offer Couples different tips to get to know each other better before and after marriage. These types of guides are becoming more fashionable every day for a very simple reason: we would all like to enjoy a romantic evening with our partner, but very few of us have time to remember all the details.

These guides have served as a source of inspiration to offer you the following three tips to organize and enjoy a simply perfect romantic getaway.

Romantic getaway, tip 1: choose the best love nest

The first advice to organize a perfect romantic getaway is very simple, but essential: choose the best love nest to enjoy yourself and your partner especially if it is the first experience of this kind that you share together.

A spacious, elegant and intimate room in which nobody bothers you all night, with all the comforts of the world and where you can enjoy love without haste and without pauses is not a luxury: it is a vital necessity for lovers. A romantic getaway, like this one, for example.

Romantic getaway, advice 2: disconnect from reality

Our second advice to enjoy a perfect and unforgettable romantic getaway seems drastic, but it is also essential: disconnect from reality. Reserve a secret room, turn off the mobile phone, forget the tablet, do not turn on the television and simply enjoy quality time with your special person. Time is a scarce commodity, enjoy it!

Romantic getaway, tip 3: use the five senses

Have you heard about sensory marketing? It is an advertising trend that is based on making the consumer fall in love with all his natural senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and, of course, touch. What “paints” this in the middle of a romantic getaway ?: everything. And in Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf that’s not missing.

Imagine enjoying a weekend in a room decorated with extreme taste, in which the only sound you hear is your love language and sensual music, where you can enjoy the aroma of soaps and candles; a space in which you can savor a delicious intimate dinner with the best French champagne and, finally, a space conditioned even in the smallest details for you to enjoy playing and letting it play … The five senses at the service of the best romantic getaway your life.

Choose the best love nest, disconnect from reality and enjoy the five senses of your partner are three of the tips to enjoy a perfect romantic getaway. Do you want to add some more advice? Do it!