The most delicious wedding menus at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf, just as you dreamed.

We know that all the details of your wedding are important but choosing the menu takes the biscuit although at first sight may seem an easy decision, the truth is that it has more complications than you think. Normally, a few months before the celebration of the bond the grooms gather together with their parents to do the test of the menu for the wedding. The test of the menu aims to decide which dishes are going to be tasted on that special day, and many couples feel some pressure when they face the choice, that is why Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf in Torrevieja offer some delicious menus for you think about, we are going to publish many more, stay tuned, here we leave you 2 delicious menus; One of the great advantages we have is that we have delicious seasonal products that can give your menu the perfect touch, the hotel’s gastronomy is specialized in large and small events, guaranteeing quality for all diners, our creations run a wide range of suggestions for all tastes besides having a luxurious presentation. Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf is a guarantee of success to celebrate your wedding.menu2