How to choose the wedding menu without going crazy

Choosing the wedding menu usually brings many headaches. Do not kid yourself, your situation will not be any different. You will visit restaurants specializing in events and weddings, teach you menus, you will like some and you will dislike others, the price of the cover will leave you in many occasions without words and a question will linger for months your head and that of your partner: will it be possible To choose the wedding menu without going crazy? It is.

The appetizers they like best

It seems that not, but the appetizer is one of the most anticipated moments by the guests to a wedding. And is that many avoid snacking or even breakfast strong waiting for the great moment of the wedding banquet. It is best to choose a small variety of appetizers. Among those who like (and are less classic) the salmorejo cups, are refreshing and nourishing; You can also choose to combine it with something more classic like cod fritters or croquetas, although if you want to surprise, try that the wedding menu has some tartar between their appetizers.

Meat or fish?

The eternal doubt when it comes to organizing a wedding. Do we choose a main course of meat or a fish? Do not complicate yourself! A wedding is for everyone to enjoy and eat well, among other things, so opt for a menu that gives the choice to the diner to decide if you prefer a fish light a plate of meat. Although we have to confess that meat is always the great favorite, but … and if any of your guests do not eat meat?

The perfect menu for a wedding day or night

Whether it’s a wedding day or night, be clear that the menu should be light. At weddings, just like in beauty rituals, ‘less is more’, so opt for a menu of few dishes but very tasty. In addition, this way you will avoid that about food that goes directly to the garbage and your diners will be grateful to have tried all the dishes of the wedding banquet. With the cocktail, a couple of starters, a main course and the dessert is more than enough.

Do not opt for …

A bridal cake cut with a sword for dessert. It’s old-fashioned! The tradition of cutting the cake is still maintained, but many couples choose another dessert to distribute to their guests. Think well about the tastes you have in common. For example, if you both love chocolate and nuts, why not opt for a brownie with garnish ice cream? You will surprise your guests and surely many will praise this election.

How to handle the times

When it comes to choosing the wedding menu it is advisable to talk to the restaurant managers where the wedding will be held to handle the times between plate and dish and avoid the endless banquet. Ideally, the cocktail lasts a little and the wedding party does not take more than an hour and a half or two hours. And then … give it all on the dance floor!