I'm getting married, now what?

And now that? That’s exactly what I asked myself when my partner asked me to marry him and we missed the ‘euphoria’ of the first few hours and days. The first thing that all the lovers of the world world do (imagine) or, at least, we did, was to search the Internet for a guide to organize a wedding. Something had to be oriented, right?

Do we start looking for places to organize the banquet? What style do we want our wedding to be? Do we use custom packaging for the details for the guests? How do I want it to be my wedding dress? And where do we go on our honeymoon? We were sitting on the couch at home and doubts were piling up at times. The only thing that we had clear was that the first thing to do was to choose if we wanted a religious or civil ceremony. We both had clear from the beginning that we wanted a civil ceremony, “it’s much more beautiful and traditional,” my boy said, so once that issue was decided, it was time to look for a church.

I think that with the election of the church it happens a bit like with the choice of the wedding dress or the place to organize the banquet. Not only does the place have to be beautiful, but they must treat you 100% well. We went to see three churches to inform us of the paperwork we had to do and the available wedding dates. We wanted the event to be in 2019 and we had more or less clear that it should be in the first half of the year.

At this point, we found that a church was going to be under construction for the approximate date of the wedding, imagine the two entering the sunset with a worker’s helmet might seem fun, but not desirable, so we discarded this.