When a surprise becomes in to tie the Knot

Every great wedding begins with a request of hand or, at least, thus we are accustomed to that it happens. My adventure to get dressed in white also starts like this. The different thing is that the surprise was going to give it to Angel, my partner, (I did not think about wedding much less) but at the end of the day I was surprised. It’s a bit messy to explain, so it’s better to go in parts.

A month before I had received a bonus for two for my birthday to enjoy a spa circuit. He was aware of that, but he left it to my judgment that I chose the day and the time I wanted to enjoy this relaxing treatment. So I did it. As he works from Monday to Saturday the only day off to enjoy the spa had to be a Sunday. That week I was preparing for the moment and I told him not to plan anything for that day I had a surprise.

The truth is that that week he tried to elicit what plans I had for Sunday. He did not have you with me. I went like a grave. On Saturday I took advantage of the fact that he was working to put the backpacks with the swimsuits, underwear and towels in the boot of our car to change us in the changing rooms of the spa without him knowing anything.

On Sunday he asked me what kind of clothes I should wear, to which I replied that with jeans and a T-shirt was fine. I bandaged his eyes while driving to a spa in Torrevieja and once there his surprise was capital: we were going to spend a morning the sea of relaxed!