Weddings with lots of green

A rich green palette creates fresh, modern and sophisticated environments.

Weddings in the middle of nature have become very fashionable in recent years, look for an outdoor property, a plot or a hotel with charm and a lot of green areas like The Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf is a great choice for your wedding.

As in any wedding it is important to take care of the detail so that everything follows a common theme. You can start with the invitations that you can order or make yourselves with the sought aesthetics of nature.

A plus of style is to choose every part of the decoration with a lot of care, as beautiful green centers at the tables with freesias, sunflowers, paniculata, veronicas or daisies either alone or in jars of glass with leaves, floral dinnerware, recycled paper napkins. If there are trees or branches with straw hats, boxes of wood with fans, wooden signs pointing out the most important places for people to be located, in weddings in the middle of nature is very present the wood, in everything, stairs, tables, chairs , Old wine barrels … The furniture takes on vital importance, from desks, windows, doors, shelves … They are weddings to which you can add your vintage touch with the worn and old furniture that you have at home.

This type of weddings have a very particular stamp are weddings that nobody leaves indifferent and everyone loves.