The traditions that you will live at your wedding (or not)

Spanish weddings are a tradition in themselves. Full of rituals are modernized, but they do retain many. One of the traditions of the wedding is that the bride can not see the bride’s dress until the day of the ceremony. And it is not the only thing that competes with the groom: he also has to arrive before the bride to the place of the wedding as a sign of respect. The star of a wedding is always the bride, and on her and her fishing attire several times nuptials difficult to break. The bride always has to wear something new (the dress); something borrowed (inherited complements and with a sentimental symbolism); something blue, shows fidelity (the league or the lingerie). If you are organizing your wedding, attentive, that you have prepared a message with the characteristics that you must fulfill or not in your day.

But it is not the only tradition regarding clothing: How the lyrics of the song say, ‘White and radiant girlfriend goes!’ and anyone else. None of the guests can go white, color reserved exclusively for the bride. Neither is it advisable to go black because in Spain it represents mourning and sadness. Besides, the godmother, traditionally, wears a mantilla. The most feared moment arrives for the groom!

The newlyweds have to open the ball of the wedding banquet with a waltz. The moment to throw things mean to share happiness with your guests. First, throwing the rice out of the church augurs as much as the money in the accounts (13 coins). And, later, what girl has not put in the queue to try to catch the bouquet that the bride throws? According to the legend, the lucky one will be the next one to get married.When the bride and groom retire to their wedding night, the tradition “sends” that the bridegroom crosses the threshold of the door with his wife in his arms and entering with the right foot, as a symbol of good omen.