The best flowers to decorate your wedding at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf

Flowers are essential at a wedding. They will be present at the ceremony, in the bride’s bouquet, in the groom’s boot and at the guests’ tables if you have chosen it that way. And at Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we are looking forward to having a spectacular and well decorated wedding. So we give you some tips to make it so.

The roses
The rose is the best known, most popular and most consumed flower. But beyond being a classic, is a type of flower that is very versatile and with which you can play a lot because: it has different shapes, different sizes and different colors and that makes it a versatile flower. Roses are great for all kinds of wedding decorations.

The Claveles
The good thing about the carnation is that it is one of the most stocked flowers on the market. If we can find roses of different colors, in the case of carnations we can find double or triple colors and that characteristic is very positive. Think that if you want to personalize your wedding 100% with him you can do it. In addition, with the carnations you can make very nice combinations and floral arrangements.

The Hydrangeas
The hydrangeas are some flowers are ideal to use at your wedding. Thanks to their size and shape they dress a lot and give a unique touch. Also, when using this type of flower we will cover a lot of space: with few you can do a lot.
The hydrangeas are great alone. No need to combine them with anything else and give a very elegant touch.

The Peonies
They are aesthetically perfect, that is why it is one of the favorite flowers at weddings. The shape of the peonies is special and with them you can make from very nice centerpieces, to decorate a cake. And in the bridal bouquet will be great.