Wedding invitations

The wedding invitations are an artwork now

Nowadays weddings have changed a lot, and also the trends, for instance, now the ones who decide the guest list are the bride and groom and they prefer original guests that make them spend a happy day, these celebrations have become a meeting of friends and family and they do not feel under obligation to invite anyone, they want everything to be close.

The wedding invitations are an artwork now, DIY invitations, can be a wise choice and quite a surprise, invitations with aluminum effect, rubber, watercolor, with stickers, design of pre-invitations and themed celebration along the same lines, ecofriendly invitations, paperless, even a tweet!!!

invitaciones originales

creative wedding invitations

There are also thematic invitations inspired by trips, or love stories or movies, also made with unique features such as including antique pieces, or original artworks or colors, different styles reflecting bride and groom personalities, or also with a Naive art style for a romantic wedding, there's only one thing you should have:

The passion for beautiful things, for the affection, for the quality and care, keep in mind that very few things condensed into as little space, the spirit of a marriage as the wedding invitations, and also, they will be a memory for life.