How to organize a buffet wedding banquet

Buffets can be as original, sophisticated and elegant as a banquet if catering is chosen well. And their advantages do not end here, since they make it easier for guests to relate easily to each other, while at the same time they can admire your wedding dress well. Undoubtedly, the main element of your bridal outfit, without forgetting the shoes or the bridal bouquet. Determined to bet on a buffet on your big day? If so, remember to indicate it in your wedding invitations. At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we help you prepare the best wedding buffet.

1. The number of guests must be limited
The buffet is not suitable for very numerous links, with more than 150 guests, as it can be difficult to organize the queues in front of the food tables or around the waiters. If your guest list is less than that number, a good professional at Eventos Hotel La Laguna will know how to organize the tables and distribute the different dishes so that everyone can access them easily.

2. There must be enough space
When organizing a buffet, keep in mind that the guests will not be staying all the time in the same place, but that they will be moving continuously. That is why it is convenient that the environment is wide enough so that there are no space problems. In Hotel La Laguna Spa we have spaces for your wedding perfect for this type of banquet.

On the other hand, the distance between the food and the tables or seats should not be excessive. It is also important that guests can access the buffet from several sides of the table, which will prevent the formation of queues.

3. Detail what you eat
Sometimes, the trays of a buffet present succulent stews, but it is not distinguished exactly what ingredients are made. Is it meat or fish? They are vegetables? The ideal is to put a small sign next to each plate specifying what it contains. Also, indicate those that are specific for lactose or gluten intolerant, suitable for vegetarians … If you do them with the rest of the bridal posters of the link or harmonizing with the ideas of decoration for weddings you have designed for your big day, the result will be 10.

4. That there be no missing seats
Although you plan to have high cocktail tables and believe that your guests will prefer to stand, think that a wedding banquet lasts many hours. Between courses, to the sound of the romantic songs for weddings that you have chosen for your big day, you will throw the bridal bouquet with coves, speeches will be delivered and the different gifts for wedding guests will be delivered. So it is important to enable different areas in which family and friends can sit quietly to eat and talk. Combining different types of tables with chairs, stools and even a chill out area will create a very comfortable environment for everyone.