Espacios Para Coctel en Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf ****

In the Hotel La Laguna there are outdoor spaces to host your guests. In a unique setting with wonderful views of the Lagunas de la Mata.


One of the wishes The welcome cocktail is the preamble in which all the guests who arrive at the ceremony are expected. Guests are offered sandwiches and drinks to entertain while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive.

Some of our spaces, such as the palm garden, the perfect place, cozy and beautiful, palm trees bring a tropical touch to the event.


Pic of (Jardín de las palmeras)

The garden of geraniums is also perfect if you want to enjoy a perfect space where you can receive your guests and enjoy a cozy atmosphere as a prelude to the banquet.


Boda S & M-10091

Pic of (Jardín de los Geranios)

In a unique environment surrounded by beautiful gardens you can offer your guests some delicious snacks to entertain the wait while all guests attend the event.

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