How to plan a gay wedding

A homosexual wedding does not have to be a problem and … in fact, it is not! Or at least, that’s how we see it from Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf. After having helped in the organization of several weddings between homosexuals, we give you some tips to plan one. Let’s do it!

1. Outside of social conventions

Forget about social conventions and customs, you are celebrating a non-traditional wedding! Take the opportunity to do things your way: with the kind of ceremony that best suits your way of thinking, with the order of events they prefer to give and with all the elements they wish to include. How about a homosexual civil wedding under an ancient olive tree?

2. There are no roles

Just as there should not be a boyfriend in white and another in black, nor a bride in a dress and another in a tuxedo, the feminine and masculine role in an egalitarian marriage comes out in excess. If there are details that are hard for you to define as who will walk to the altar before, talk to the ceremony beforehand.

3. Creativity to power

Not having many precedents about gay weddings, also means an open letter to give free rein to the imagination and the whims of the couple. Print your personal stamp on every detail of the event and give it the turn you want. You have to be innovative with the decoration, the dress code and the sponsors and godmothers.

4. Everyone can have their bachelor party

There’s no reason why you can not indulge in a separate weekend with your best friends, after all, you’re still single. The fact that they are a couple of the same sex, does not exclude that they can have a good time on their own and each one with their closest friends. Do you fancy an afternoon of guys at a spa? Or enjoy beauty treatments or a good gathering of friends? Sign it up to the list and take it out!

5. Ladies and godparents

Regardless of the sex of your best friends, make them part of your courtship. Play with your dress code, ask your godmothers to wear a female tuxedo or your sponsors to attend in kilt. Remember that the important thing is that they have fun, that they print their stamp at the wedding and that they live a special moment surrounded by their loved ones.