Getting married on the most special day of the year: New Year's Eve.

What about getting married on New Year’s Eve, did you ever imagine it ? It is the day in which everything begins, a year ends and a new one starts, a new life.

To celebrate your wedding on this day is wonderfully special, can you imagine it? Your friends, your family and all who are important to you together celebrating and dancing! Because this night people are predisposed to have a great time and enjoy until dawn, and can you imagine the decoration? Certainly it has to be spectacular, designed especially for you and for a night you will never forget.  Surprise you and surprise your guests by getting married on the night where it all begins, one night where everything is permitted, and because it is cool !.

This kind of wedding serves to mark the difference from the beginning, a very elegant winter wedding dress with a nice coat, a golden and very sparkling night  with a special decoration in gold and silver tones that Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf can provide you, will be so beautiful and so magical, your guests will only have nice words of thanks to you.






















The New Year is full of glamor and joy, shines, the countdown … the beginning of a new life as husband and wife.

And your guests will be more elegant than ever, everything is permitted, and lived with joy, you shall glitter and your friends too, fireworks, sequins, glitters, balloons, champagne … an unforgettable wedding.

I imagine a photocall full of streamers, noisemakers, confetti, little hats, necklaces, party favors, glasses, mustaches … and toasts! which ends with some delicious churros first thing in the morning.

One of the details that you are thinking could be the price, you may think it will be very expensive, you are wrong, because Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf has incredible menus with which you will surprise your guests. Inform yourself and come into fashion to marry on New Year’s Eve!.