4 Tips to get hit with the wedding party venue

“I’m getting married, and now what?”. Surely this question has been around your head since you decided the most important step of your lives. Well, do not panic, you’re going to prepare the wedding of your dreams. We are sure of that. Where to start? Have you already chosen a place to feed or dine to your guests? Let’s do it! We give you 4 tips to hit the place of the wedding party.

1- The wedding style defines the place of the banquet

Did you know that one of the aspects that most defines the place of the wedding party is the style of celebration that you are looking for? So is! There are many restaurants and wedding venues that fit the requirements of the couple, but others do not, so here you are, the bride and groom, you must have things very clear. What celebration are you looking for? A rustic and informal or a little more glamorous? Think well because the important thing is that all the details of the link go according to your style. It will be a magical day if you are clear from the beginning if you opt for a more country celebration or something more to the ‘fairy tale’.

2- The number of guests

Will the venue of the wedding have enough capacity to accommodate 400 guests? How many rooms does the hotel have to celebrate the wedding or the restaurant where it will take place? The number of guests does matter and much more than you think when it comes to choosing the site to host a wedding. Be aware that even if it is your link, you have to keep in mind the comfort of the diners, if you can hold a cocktail outside, if after the meal or dinner of the wedding there will be space to dance comfortably … These cases is to find a place with lounges for celebrations, that has terrace, gardens and very versatile spaces and if the environment is beautiful, better than better.

3- Key questions for your wedding

Throughout all the months of the wedding preparations, prepare a kind of quadrant with everything you have to ask you to choose aspects such as music, flowers, decoration or souvenirs for wedding guests. Among the key questions to choose for wedding venue, you should not forget the following:

– What capacity does the space have?

– Are there different rooms?

– Do you have more than one wedding at a time?

– Can the ceremony also be held?

– What services does it include exactly?

– How many hours does the standard service include?

– Do they have their own kitchen or should you hire external catering?

– Do they have exclusivity in terms of suppliers?

– How are the menus available? Can you customize

– What do the menus include? Centerpieces? Minutes

– What options are there for special menus (vegetarian, celiac, allergic, etc.)?

– What is the ratio of waiters per guest?

– Is the free bar included in the menu price? How many hours does it last?

– What is the price for overtime of free bar?

– Where is the dance performed? Until what time?

– Do you have free parking for the guests?

– Are there any restrictions when using the decoration (candles, confetti, …)?

– Do you have any insurance in case something happens?

– How is the space reservation made? And the payments?

It is likely that with the stress of preparing a wedding you may forget to ask one of these questions when visiting the wedding venues. If you take them down, you will prevent a glitch from playing tricks on you.

4- A couple of visits to make the right decision

Do not venture into the adventure of choosing your wedding venue, make at least a couple of visits to the places you have liked the most. Ask for a tour of recognition around the space, explain to you how the tables would be arranged, how and where it would be the moment of the wedding and show you the types of wedding menus available. If you choose this place, demand a test of the bridal menu to finish convincing you that you were successful in choosing the venue for the wedding. And above all, enjoy the preparations. It will be a unique moment.