The next morning" by Loewe

The starting point has been “the next morning” and those feelings of purity and uncertain promise that lurk a couple hours after their first encounter. And from that concept have been born two versions of perfume, Woman and Man.

The masculine essence for LOEWE 001 Man is made up of bergamot, mandarin, cardamom, sandalwood and white musk (among other ingredients); While the feminine LOEWE 001 Woman is made up of a delicate blend of citrus, Egyptian jasmine and pink pepper. Both fragrances contain citrus notes but reinvented. And the two with a packaging with botanical images of the work of Karl Blossfeldt, great the creator of the perfume Jonathan Anderson.

With deep roots in the fresh and multifaceted identity that Anderson has been building for the house since 2014, 001 represents the sensorial expression of a character that is both new but recognizable, timeless and spontaneous in equal parts.