The Bridal Manicure

On your wedding day your hands should look perfect, they will be the center of attention, you will wear in them a beautiful and magnificent engagement ring.

Here are five ways to wear an impeccable manicure on your big day.

But remember that there are many possibilities, your manicure should go, like everything else, according to you.

French Manicure

The classic of the classics for brides. The French manicure is more appropriate for traditional brides, it is one of the most demanded options, being a very fine manicure of soft colors is ideal for a delicate and romantic bride who seek the naturalness and discretion in their hands for that day. A wise move!

For the most daring brides, there is a trend based on changing the colors of the typical French manicure creating different combinations with the color of the white stripe and the rest of the nail.


Fotografía: Carolina Sainz

Nails with glitter

If on your wedding day you want to wear a different and special manicure, you can opt for a few touches of glitter. It matches perfectly with French manicure or any color you wish to wear on your nails that day.

purpurina copia

Fotografía: Vía Pinterest

Red nails

For those who are accustomed to wearing color on their nails, red becomes a perfect choice, the most sensual and feminine color par excellence. It is a daring manicure for brides, but with a classic feminine touch. This color goes great with vintage brides. Do you dare with red nails?


Fotografía: Pelayo Lacazette

Nude colors

They are ideal, they combine perfectly with a white or nude wedding dress. The pale pink is the color par excellence, but there´s a increasing trend of chossing beige, celestial or pearlescent.

Decorated nails

It is the perfect choice for those who are passionate about nail art. The best is to opt for manicures with discrete designs. For this, you can use some geometric drawing or some floral motif can also be completed with some bright, always all very fine and discreet.


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At Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf we can advise you about the ideal manicure for the day B. Ask us without any obligation, we will take care of and beautify your hands for that special day.