Tattoos for the day of your wedding

The day of your wedding is the final result of some months of madness, for that reason  we leave you this post as a kind of final madness. There are a thousand ways to celebrate your love with your partner and this can be a very original one. What do you think about having a funny temporary tattoo, for the Big day?

It can be a phrase that you both like, or a drawing or union symbol, a mono-color tattoo, silver, with glitter, with rhinestones … They last between 2 and 6 days and they take only a few minutes to apply. This temporary tattoo is just to enjoy in your big day, let your imagination and creativity flow, there are a thousand ideas. Surely you share tastes and hobbies, now also a tattoo but a removable one, a special one making  you feel even more connected with each other.

You will surprise your guests.